Workshop at SOT 2016 Satellite Meeting


A Toxicology User's Guide to the Roadmap Epigenomics and ENCODE Data Resources


Improvements in DNA sequencing technologies have resulted in an exponential increase in the amount of genomic and epigenomic data available.

Some of these data have been generated as part of large-scale, focused mapping efforts aimed at understanding how genes are regulated, such as the NIH Roadmap Epigenomics Program, and ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements). Efforts such as these can be extremely valuable for hypothesis generation and data mining, but can only be useful if one knows what is available and how to use it.

This SOT satellite meeting will provide toxicology researchers with an overview of these two NIH-funded programs, introduce attendees to the informatics tools that have been developed to help navigate these large datasets, and walk through several use cases.

The meeting will be of broad interest to researchers interested in learning more about how environmental exposure might impact gene regulation.


Ting Wang (WUSTL)


Lisa Chadwick (NIEHS)

Daniel Gilchrist (NHGRI)

Shaun McCullough (EPA)

Terry Furey (UNC)

When and Where

March 17, 2016 | 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70130

Browser Booklet

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Tutorial Book

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Download presentations from Ting, Lisa and Shaun.

  1. Engaging today’s epigenomic resources: An overview of past projects and future directions.
  2. The WashU Epigenome Browser
  3. The Roadmap Epigenome Browser

Heart Gene Set


Roadmap EpiGenome Browser

List of session links:

Roadmap SNP list
chr1 10353111 10353112
chr1 85772008 85772009
chr1 93303602 93303603
chr1 101331535 101331536
chr1 101407518 101407519
chr1 117038286 117038287
chr1 117100956 117100957
chr1 117104214 117104215
chr1 179469313 179469314
chr10 6099044 6099045
chr10 6102011 6102012
chr10 6110828 6110829
chr10 43814048 43814049
chr10 81036006 81036007

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